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of functional water

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Welcome to The Allure Experience
Industrial hemp and CBD – What it’s all about?

The first token to be backed by water

Each ALLO token is backed by a specific amount of water.

This means the token holds its minimum price, which is the price of the bottle of water that represents the commodity behind the token.

Our belief in this product is firmly grounded in ingredient production, business expertise and hard science.

We believe that industrial hemp is one of the plants of the future and will take its place once more as one of the key plants in global agricultural production.

Increased use of hemp products will bring more benefits to humanity, both from an ecological perspective, where hemp has enormous potential, and from the economic point of view, where it can contribute massively to the development of a sustainable economy.

Our Strategy and Project Plan
The launch of the ALLO token is just the first step of many steps we will take together in order to achieve our goal of building a sustainable economy via increased human health. We shall be introducing more products onto the market. We are in it for the long run and we want you to come along with us.
Q4 2017
Market research, feasibility studies, business planning and beginning of production
Q1 2018
Collaboration with specialised laboratory and researchers, product development & refinement
Q2 2018
Team formation, whitepaper draft, website establishment. Beginning of private presale.
Q3 2018
Enhanced marketing activities, community development, compliance for CBD water
Q4 2018
Marketing activities, Token public sale event
Q1 2019
Allure Organics platform establishment, water supply production
Our Focus
Inovative technology

The R&D that has gone into Allure Organics CBD infused water is no small business. Leading global experts have logged an extraordinary amount of lab time to bring us the best product on the market is.

Strong scientific foundations

The versatility of hemp and its multiple uses in construction, food, medicine, textile, cosmetics, paper and automotive industries is practically unparalleled for any other safe and naturally-derived substance

A true game changer

Industrial hemp is a plant of the future and we are confident will once again become one of the world’s major agricultural plants.

Our Products

Keep your body hydrated with this amazing functional anti-aging water. The extract of green tea and citrus is the perfect choice for all who would like to boost the body with fresh and young energy.

  • Green tea
  • Vitamin B3
  • 100% BIO natural water
  • Sugar and calorie FREE

Water is present everywhere in our lives and yes, primary, we need it for hydrating our bodies but besides that this water has and exceptional function making our body’s feel younger – this water is really a blue anti-aging gold.

This functional water is gaining traction in the global water market for satisfying the need for anti aging function, nutrition and as well a fresh taste.


Ready for more? The combination of natural bio water and nano processed CBD puts your body into The Zone. The nano sized CBD molecules within this water carry the CBD, with all its benefits, into the centre of your cells. Get ready to be alive. 100% free of THC.

  • CBD
  • 100% BIO  natural water
  • Sugar and calorie FREE
  • 100% THC FREE

CBD infused drinking water is gaining recognition in the market for its anti-aging and energy-boosting properties.

Nano Sized CBD benefits in this natural water heal, hydrate and renew both the body and soul. If you are looking for water that offer more than just hydration and refreshment the HEMP CBD BIO WATER is the right choice.

CBD products can only be sold and delivered in the countries where CBD (Cannabidiol) is legal.


Take your energy to the next level. Natural bio water with extract of guarana is the perfect choice to get your body ready for your next adventure – or venture. Feel the energy from the very first sip.

  • Guarana
  • Vitamin B12
  • 100% BIO  natural water
  • Sugar and calorie FREE

This BOOST BIO WATER is full of health benefits of ingesting functional water infused with Guerana, which vitalise and boost your energy level. The bootle of this fresh water is a great and healthier substitute for a coffee and glass of water.

Guarana is a plant with exceptional power, its energy is absorbed slowly by the body and the result is a long lasting energy release over hour. Invite your friend on a healthy energy glass of BB water.

Our Team
Darko Brkic
CEO, Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience, including corporate positions, producing and selling carbon credits, commodities, gem-stones. Top marketer managing 100,000s of distributors. Investor, consultant and digital assets enthusiast.

Mladen Stefanec

Seasoned expert in IT organization and oversight covering marketing, gaming and blockchain solutions.

Silvio Gucek
IT Manager

A cryptocurrency veteran, an avid programmer and an overall geek

Marko Cerjan
Project Manager

Hemp expert with years of experience in hemp growing, harvesting and pro-cessing

Andrew Fynn
MarComms & Business Development Integration

Andrew is a marketing, communications, and environmental policy expert, and ecosystem economist. His papers on sustainable agriculture and international capacity development have been commissioned and published by Environmental Defense Fund, UN FAO, OECD, and the World Bank.

Irena Zagar
Digital Marketing

Over 5 years’ experience in digital marketing. Specialized in Lead generation marketing.

Prof. Borut Strukelj, Phd
Advisor and Researcher

Full professor at the Department for Pharmaceutical Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ljubljana

Mina Krzisnik, LL.M.
Legal advisor

Corporate and commercial lawyer with over 10 years’ experience, Mina is also keen on researching innovative technology. She embraces new challenges and does her job with love and passion.

Exchanges we are contacting
What is ALLO?
ALLO is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.
It is the core asset of the Allure Organics network.
Token Distribution:

Allure Organics ICO will take place in two major steps which are the Pre-ICO and the ICO itself.

Of the 600 million tokens initially issued by Allure Organics, 90 million tokens will be available for the Pre-ICO. This indicates the high level of interest among our existing community and early adopters in this token. The remaining ALLO will be available in the public token sale, but with far smaller incentives.

Take advantage of the Early sale benefits! Get ALLO at 5% off right now!
Bonus distribution and duration

Allure Organics token sale will take place in two major steps: I. Private Early Sale, and II. Public Token Sale.

Of the 600 million tokens initially issued by Allure Organics, 100 million tokens will be available for the Private Early Sale. This indicates the high level of interest among our existing community and early adopters in this token. The remaining ALLO will be available in the public token sale, but with far smaller incentives.